There has been a lot of speculation about our wine here is in Queensland since it’s hard to find out of our state, even though we continue to win awards for it year in year out. Many consumers used think that when you see something everywhere, it must be the best right? Bullocks we say!

In this modern age, everyone is slowly starting to realise that hand-crafted product, or ‘artisan’ as we call it is the way to go. That’s the biggest win when it comes to visiting wineries in Queensland – they are ALL boutique and put a huge amount of pride in the wine they are creating.

1. It’s too hot to grow grapes in QLD

Queensland’s main grape growing regions can actually get super cold and create a perfect climate for grapes growing. Our largest wine areas (Stanthorpe and Ballendean) can get so cold that it sometimes snows in winter; therefore most of Queenland’s wines are cool climate wines.

2. QLD wine isn’t good enough to be exported or sold to bottle shops

Nearly all of the wineries you will find in Tamborine Mountain and the rest of QLD are boutique, family owned and operated wineries (which is what we LOVE about our wine region). None of our boutique wineries could ever produce enough wine to sell to bottle shops or ship overseas; this actually means that the quality is the main focus of our winemakers – not the quantity and lowering production costs.

3. All QLD wine is sweet

I am not sure where this myth came from but I’ve heard quite a few people on our wine tours say they thought all QLD wine was sweet - absolutely not true! Queensland does produce some sweeter wines, however there are more dry wines in QLD than sweet.

Still unsure? Take our wine tour from Brisbane or the Gold Coast and we PROMISE to prove you wrong.