• Eat Breakfast - You will be trying MANY wines, even before lunch time, therefore its always a good idea to have something in your belly!


  • Avoid High Heels - This ones for the ladies (and maybe a few fellas- We dont judge!) 


  • Avoid strong Perfumes - 80% of what you taste actually comes from what you smell, so strong Perfumes and Colognes can interfere with how you taste the Wine!


  • Do not chew Gum - Strong flavours like Mint can really have an affect on your pallet and how the wine will taste!


  • Consider the weather - If you are a little bit cold before the tour, chances are once you are on the mountain its not getting any warmer! Tamborine mountain is usually 5 degrees cooler than Brisbane or the Gold Coast


  • Relax and Enjoy - Kick back and enjoy being chauffeur driven to fabulous destinations. Snacks and Water will be at the ready, so there is really no need to bring a thing!