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Bringing the vineyards to the city!

We have tried and tested the new Cellar Door City Winery has brought to the heart of Brisbane CBD and we are very impressed.

You may be forgiven for being caught up in the hustle and bustle of one on Brisbane's most notorious retail strips without noticing the newest addition to the luxe destination. However, if you have missed this new local gem it is definitely time to stop, pay attention and call in to experience one of Brisbane's newest vino offerings. 

It is now over one hundred and sixty years ago since Brisbane was home to a winery. However, owners of City Wines Dave Cush and Adam Penberthy felt it was time to change that and gosh we are glad they did. After successfully opening only the third Urban Winery in Australia in early 2019. The team at City Wines have now curated a sophisticated pop-up destination for Brisbane locals and explorers to taste the fruits of their labour. 

The new cellar door located on Edward Street in the heart of Brisbane's CBD is able to house fifty guests for what can only be described as a one-stop destination for an incredible wine experience. A combination of beautiful wines and exquisite art drape over industrial-like brick making you feel like you have escaped the rush of inner-city life and stumbled into another dimension. 

Once inside you are offered a vast array of beautiful wines sourced from some of Australias most prestigious grape growing regions, yet all made right here on our doorstep. 

However, we found the educational experience just as spectacular as the wine itself. Hearing all about how specific wines came to be, the time and effort that has gone into the beautiful labels and hilarious tales of trials and tribulations from the winemakers themselves was an absolute highlight. 

We left feeling rather relaxed with a bottle of City Wines outstanding 2017 "Deathbox" Grenache (which too was accompanied with its own unique tale of creation) and went on our way exploring other stunning venues throughout the city. 

We will definitely be back to experience all City Wines new cellar door has to offer, a wine and cheese pairing class or maybe even a wine blending workshop. However, for now, we will sit back with a glass of "Deathbox" and think just how lucky we are to discover another hidden gem in the incredible city of Brisbane.

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